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how to remember tests for cations and anions

Quliatative analysis for testing of cations, anions and gases. Cations are distinguished from adding sodium hydroxide and aqueous ammonia, while testing of anions mainly involve precipitation. Cations are distinguished from adding sodium hydroxide and aqueous ammonia, while testing of anions mainly involve precipitation. ... More

how to read tracert results

Trying to understand Tracert for Overwatch Hey guys ive been having problems with high overwatch ping/rubberbanding since launch, ive tried contacting blizzard and have run through pretty much all the guides that they have with no luck. ... More

how to perform a wedding ceremony what to say

Hi ladies. We have asked our good friend to officiate our wedding (can be ordained for Oregon weddings), and I am looking for a good "script" for the ceremony timeline with processional, ideas of things for the officiant to say, vows, things like that. ... More

how to make frizzy hair smooth at home

27/11/2018 · You can also skip the store and make your own hair mask at home. Coconut oil is a perfect one-ingredient moisturizer. Eggs, milk, and honey also have nourishing, restorative properties. Coconut oil is a perfect one-ingredient moisturizer. ... More

how to make a seam sewing

A flat-felled seam is an easy and useful technique to master if you are looking for a sturdy seam finish and a neat, professional look. Just like with French seams, the raw edges are completely enclosed within the seam with the wrong side looking as good as the right side. ... More

how to make biggger letters in samsung note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 comes loaded with new features, but many of these features or quick settings to enable them are hidden away in different menus. Those that own Galaxy Note 5 can easily get access to WiFi and Bluetooth settings from the top of the screen in the notification bar. ... More

how to make yourself really sick

I love to make myself a massive batch of vegetable soup. It instantly makes you feel better, and is packed with vitamins to support your immune system. ... More

how to make htc one faster

It is perfect for iPhone 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 4, 3, Nexus, HTC One, and most other phones and tablets How to charge your iPhone faster? You can use your iPad charger instead of the one that came with your iPhone . ... More

how to play youtube in background android phone

9/01/2019 · Hello, friends, Is video Maine aapko bataya hai ki aap kis Tarah apni YouTube Video Ko apni kisi bhi screen par run kar sakte hain, Video achcha Lage to channel Ko subscribe kar Lena,aur video Ko ... More

how to make a computer mouse out of cardboard

Transform a cheap computer mouse into something much more unique to show-off in your home. Click here to skip to video. This DIY project involved hand carving and shaping the body of the mouse, which means that you can make your mouse perfectly customized to the shape of your own hand! ... More

how to make hot tea with tea bags

Share “How to Brew the Ultimate Iced Tea” on And while you could simply dunk a tea bag in some hot water and throw in a handful of ice, a little extra TLC can go a long way in making a ... More

how to make a small room cozy

The family room can feature a variety of lighting options such as a chandelier at the center complemented by floor lamps, and sconces. In an open floor plan, the lighting used for the rest of the spaces also plays an important role. ... More

how to play better pool shot

The masse pool shots are where the cue ball curves and changes direction These are the most exciting shots. We are going to have a good time. Let's first talk about the material. What do you need to perform the trick shot? Well, you need a pool table, you need balls, chalk and a cue stick. Now for the most of the masse pool shots, we are going to be using a masse cue which is shorter and ... More

how to make garlic mayo

Preparation. Whisk mayonnaise, garlic, lemon juice and 1 teaspoon oil in small bowl to blend. Season with salt and pepper. (Garlic mayonnaise can be made 6 hours ahead. ... More

how to make pattern progressively louder fl studio

FL Studio is a piece of software designed to help you edit music with professional precision and quality. It was once known as Fruity Loops, but it has grown into an app that is capable of complete audio editing. ... More

how to put on field hockey goalie equipment

Field Hockey Quotes Field Hockey Goalie Field Hockey Sticks Hockey Sayings Hockey Teams Hockey Stuff Field Hockey Problems Field Hockey Equipment Hockey Pictures Forward Field Hockey Player Stick Poster Print is full of attitude and hilarious sayings. ... More

how to make child friendly paint

24/07/2016 · Hi little Bugs and welcome to MihiBugs Arty Farty Corner! Today I'm making tasty edible paint! If you would like to see how to make edible paint just keep wa... ... More

how to make imac display screen

Ok, can you power up your Mac and then wait about 2 minutes and look very closely at your screen and let me know if you see a shadow of a display. Either that or take a flashlight and see if you can see a ghost image on your iMac's screen and let me know. ... More

how to make fun of posh people

It does make me laugh. It seems to be all posh people on the telly. It seems to be all posh people on the telly. She said: I did a series called Real Women years ago, which was hugely successful, with Pauline Quirke, Lesley Manville, Frances Barber and Gwyneth Strong. ... More

how to run python script in ubuntu

5/06/2011 · Hey, I just made the switch to Ubuntu, but was wondering how to run Python scripts in Terminal? I know that 'python3.2 script.py' will run the program, but what if I want to test specific functions within the program? ... More

how to play desperado on keyboard

The Eagles Desperado (chords) chords, midi, notes, tab, tablature and sheet music for piano, keyboard, organ, synth, flute by Yo yo ... More

how to say mom and dad in spanish

19 Jokes You Should Send To Your Mom Right Now. Because, as moms everywhere truly believe, LOL = lots of love. ... More

how to make a rubber texture gimp

Creating paper cutout and rubber stamp text Installing a font to use it with GIMP is a really quick and easy task. Just copy the font files to the .fonts folder or to your .gimp ... More

how to move keyboard on ipad pro

Along with keyboard support for the iPad Pro comes keyboard shortcuts hallelujah! Most of them will be familiar to Mac users, and while a common set will work universally across your iPad Pro ... More

little alchemy cheats how to make swamp

Little Alchemy Cheats » Little Alchemy Life. How to make Life in Little Alchemy. For a long time can't create Life in Little Alchemy? Be not upset, here you will find how to make Life in Little Alchemy with cheats, guide, combinations and walkthrough. ... More

how to make out with tongue

The structure of the tongue and its unique degree of maneuverability make it ideal for kissing. However, it seems that some guys aren't sure about how to use their tongues when kissing. This ... More

how to make spanish sausage

Chucked in some carrots and mushrooms to use up what we had and chopped up the sausage and chorizo(to make it easier for the toddler to eat) . I used a spicy chorizo … ... More

how to say thats not good in japanese

... More

how to get rid of love handles exercises

Love handles are not cute as they sound to be. They can be equally stubborn to get rid of, just like the way they look. Why not check some exercises to get rid of love handles? The following article is a little hope and sweat over these saviors. ... More

how to make a tooth loose that isn t loose

Without pain: if you want to pull out a loose tooth with no pain, this is what you do. Wiggle your tooth back and forth and up and down. If it doesn't come out then, take a Kleenex and put the Kleenex over your tooth. ... More

how to say i hope a feedback to a supervisor

Hopefully your boss will say yes, and that will make piping up a little easier. If you get the feeling your manager isnt wild about receiving upward feedback, look for anonymous ways to share ... More

how to make steps out of wood

How to Build Wooden Steps By Michael Logan Michael Logan 2009-07-15 How to Cut out the tread and riser marks using the circular saw and the hand saw or jig saw. Use the circular saw to cut right up to the junction of the tread and riser lines along both lines. Because the saw blade is circular, the cut should be finished with a straight blade. Step 15. Measure the tread and risers to be ... More

how to play clint eastwood on piano

Clint Eastwood playing piano - rare recordings - 2 piano blues. Blues Piano Sheets / Film & Animation. Length: 4:56 Quick View ... More

how to make dirt pudding cups with gummy worms

To make the pudding, place the coconut palm nectar, the fatty layer of cream from the container of coconut milk, vanilla powder, sea salt, coconut oil, cacao powder, and avocado in a high-speed blender and blend for 30 seconds until smooth and creamy. Set aside. ... More

how to say chinese water dragon in spanish

Are you looking for a Chinese name for your baby born in the Year of the Dragon? According to traditional Chinese beliefs, a baby's character and his life's journey are influenced by his zodiac sign. ... More

how to make my vagina not smell

6/01/2019 Make sure you did not forget to remove your tampon. If you forget to remove your tampon, this can cause a buildup of menstrual blood and bacteria. This buildup can irritate your vagina, causing itching and a strong, unpleasant smell and discharge. ... More

how to play scissor sisters take your mama

Tabbed By: Shane62 Take Your Mama by the Scissor Sisters A# G# Cm A# x2 A# When you grow up G# Livin' like a good boy oughta Cm And your mama A# Takes a shine to her best son Something different G# All the girls, they seem to like you Cm Cause you're handsome, A# Like to talk, and a whole lot of fun Cm But now your girl's gone a missin' G# A# And your house has got an empty bed Cm … ... More

how to make a viking costume

A fun DIY on how to make a cardboard viking helmet costume with wings using downloadable templates. B l o g. CARDBOARD VIKING HELMET WITH WINGS. My father is an avid Rover Car enthusiast and has a 1948 Rover P3. For the last Father's Day, I made him a viking helmet with wings, which is just like the vikings helmet that sits on the front of his Rover car. He loved it and my boys ... More

how to make pandan leaf flower

The Pandanus amaryllifolius is a tropical plant, which is commonly known as a pandan leaf. It is extensively used for flavouring in Southeast Asian cooking . The plant… ... More

stellaris how to play single player

Stellaris was released today on Steam and some users encountered different bugs and issues in the game. Some of this issues are major and some players are unable to play the game due to this issues, also, there are some minor bugs in the game that can be quickly fixed with some workarounds. ... More

how to make a growing crystal tree

5/01/2012 · You can expect comparable results from any of the crystal tree kits you find in stores or online or you can make your own tree by cutting out a cardboard tree form and making a crystal garden ... More

how to play fifa 14 on lan pc

Picktorrent: i play fifa 14 - Free Search and Download Torrents at search engine. Download Music, TV Shows, Movies, Anime, Software and more. Download Music, TV ... More

how to say happy birthday in colombian

Happy Birthday Shakira, Pique! 15 Sweet Photos That Prove Colombian Singer, Spanish Athlete Are Relationship Goals! ... More

how to make your own tattoo stencil

Be your own tattoo artist! Create a semi-permanent tattoo and test your unique design for 8-18 days. Intuitive software. Safe and easy to apply. ... More

how to make ice cream bars at home

Chocolate ice cream sandwich bars layered with chocolate fudge and frozen whipped topping with decorative chocolate sprinkles. Freeze for 1 hour, or until ready to serve. … ... More

how to order steak cooked

How to Buy and Cook Steak. Steak. It's fucking delicious. Here's how I make it. The first half of this post is a piece on how to buy steak, by Eric Zhang. ... More

how to move sheets into another tableau file

Copy Shape and Image files between your workbooks. If you change your mind at any step in the process, the “Back” or “Cancel” buttons can be used before the merge is completed. If you change your mind at any step in the process, the “Back” or “Cancel” buttons can be … ... More

how to open dbf file in excel online

XLS (Excel) to DBF Converter allows you to convert your XLS (Microsoft Excel) files to DBF format. MS Excel up until 2007 version used a proprietary binary file format called Binary Interchange File Format (BIFF) as its primary format. ... More

how to pay toll roads brisbane

If you've travelled on a Brisbane toll road, you can: buy a pass; open an account; after you travel, so long as you do so within the required time frames. ... More

how to make real anzac biscuits

Frose with Chandon gelato has arrived to make your summer dreams come true! Chewy Anzac biscuits. Ready in 40 minutes! - by. that's life! 24 Apr 2018 Prep: 15 Minutes-Cook: 24 Minutes-Serves 25. Crunch! If you want crunchy biscuits, cook ... More

how to make aluminium shiny

How To Burnish Metal If you have never heard of it before, burnishing describes the process of polishing metal in order to give it a smooth and shiny finish. It is commonly used on softer metals, such as brass or aluminium, and is often used instead of the less precise process of diamond dragging. ... More

how to make payg payments

Reconcile your PAYG Liability Account, make sure that the balance at June 30 is the amount you will be paying in July. Reconcile your Superannuation Liability Account, make sure that the balance at June 30 is the amount you will be paying in July (or zero if you paid all super for the payroll year by June 30). ... More

nanocom p38 how to open

P-38 Can opener. P-38 Can opener all stainless construction. Useful in survival kits. Pocket-sized and consists of a short metal blade that serves as a handle (which doubles as a flat-blade screwdriver), with a small, hinged metal tooth that folds out to pierce the can lid. ... More

how to pack layered necklaces

Madewell does it again with this Chord Lariat Layered Necklace. I actually love to pair the black and gold necklace in the middle with the longer gold necklace of the 3-pack mentioned above. ... More

how to make lamborghini doors

Changing your hinged doors to sliding doors can be a fast way to freshen your decor. It can also solve access problems in an area where hinged doors are not able to open fully. ... More

how to make audio mixer

Each track in the Audio Mixer corresponds to an audio track in the Expert view timeline, and is named accordingly. As you make adjustments, keyframes are added to the track. You can specify a default minimum interval for keyframes in the Audio preferences. ... More

how to make a google hangout link

The first thing you need to do is download the Google Hangouts app and the Hangouts Dialer app. To do so, simply follow the links or search the Play Store to find the apps. Then, click on the ... More

how to make a chocker with glue gun

Why wear a choker when you can wear your own Choker T-Shirt! Get the full DIY at A Beautiful Mess. Get the full DIY at A Beautiful Mess. Learn how to make your own DIY Macrame Choker with this super simple tutorial from Trinkets in Bloom. ... More

how to run linux on windows using virtualbox

Hi Our developers are used to building and running software on remote Centos 5.5 servers, using PuTTy running on Windows. We want to use VirtualBox to provide a Linux guest VM on each developer's Windows machine. ... More

how to make fishing rod in minecraft pocket edition

However, it takes a long time to kill a Mob using a Fishing Rod. Wooden Buttons and Wooden Pressure Plates can also be triggered by a Fishing Rod. Fishing Rods can also be used to reel in other certain entities such as falling Armor Stands , Sand , Gravel , Red Sand , Anvils , … ... More

how to make first row in excel stay

19/04/2004 · How do you get a ROW of cells to stay put while scrolling down through an excel spreadsheet. The idea here is that I want my column Titles to stay put at the top of the spreadsheet while scrolling down through the information. Please advise! Thanks a million. ... More

how to make money crafting

And, the crafting professions will make items that players need, or want, for their toons. Just like the gathering professions, the higher that your crafting skills are, the better items you can make and the more money you can sell them for. But, sometimes it is hard to … ... More

how to make breast milk come out after birth

In a 1995 article for Discover titled "Father's Milk," Pulitzer Prize-winning author and one-time physiologist Jared Diamond reconciles the nipple stimulation and hormone quandary, pointing out ... More

how to make ink stamps

How To: Do two step stamping with stamp ink of marker How To: Make a pocket card out of an envelope How To: Create a watercolor effect with Stampin' Up markers ... More

how to make honey soy chicken

Honey Soy Baked Chicken Thighs recipe will become a regular on you weeknight menu. Make it once and see for yourself. Around here chicken makes a regular appearance on the dinner table. ... More

how to do cut and fill on contour plan sketchup

28/10/2011 Im having issues properly showing the contour cut of the site surface in section. The window on the left shows you the section, and the right shows you a 3D view being cut by a section box and oriented orthogonally to look straight as if it was a section. ... More

how to make movie about instoling trypod

31/08/2011 · Movie Mount improves iPad2 video camera Makayama today introduces the 'Movie Mount for iPad2', a unique piece of hardware which radically improves video capture with the iPad2. ... More

how to say jinglr in bsl

6/12/2009 · Learn to speak American Sign Language through song. This is the first in my series of teaching videos. I signed the introduction slowly because I think it's This is the first in my series of ... More

how to make a study guide for nursing

Non-award courses are generally single units of study that dont add up to a university qualification. Theyre a great way to explore an area of study before committing to a full degree, and can often be used as credit towards a degree course. ... More

how to make extra virgin olive oil salad dressing

Flaxseed oil and olive oil are good fats to have in your diet. This healthy dressing will add to the health benefits of your salad. Mix the olive oil, flaxseed oil, vinegar and lemon juice together in a small bowl. Use a whisk for easy of... ... More

how to make shortbread biscuits with chocolate

This rich chocolate shortbread recipe is easy to prepare and keeps for several days in an airtight container. Because this mixture is already dark, it's hard to tell when the shortbread browns. ... More

how to make an awesome breakfast

This is an awesome recipe. It’s super easy and quick, and super delicious. I usually don’t cook breakfast for my husband (he is too picky about his breakfast), but I decided to give it a try. ... More

how to make basketball mixtapes

Jordan McCabe’s OFFICIAL Ballislife mixtape! White Chocolate 2.0 is the high school king of the crossover for 2018! White Chocolate 2.0 is the high school king of the crossover for 2018! Jordan McCabe Is The HS KING OF THE CROSSOVER!!! ... More

how to play happy wheels

Happy wheels game series are a wonderful way for children to have fun, but sometimes games can come with hidden dangers. Some games offer content that is not appropriate for their ages. ... More

how to open bottle with teeth

13/10/2010 It really not hard to open the bottle with your teeth. The entire nation of Namibia in Southern Africa can do it. Once you go to enough weddings and have to get the woman next to you to open ... More

how to read faster and retain information

Sometimes information really sticks with me and once Ive read it once, I know Ill remember it forever. Other times Ill forget key details. I found your article in my pursuit o try to figure out how to retain ... More

how to open sd card slot on s8

Before removing the memory card, first unmount it for safe removal. On the Home screen, tap Apps → Settings → Device maintenance → Storage → More option → Storage settings → SD card → Unmount. ... More

how to make achu murukku

I used star achu for making this rajma murukku. You can use any achu of your choice. Fill the achu with a portion of dough. If you are comfortable squeeze it directly to the hot oil. Else grease the back of a flat ladle and squeeze the murukku in it. Gently flip it to the oil. Ensure the oil is hot while dropping the murukkus. Keep the flame medium. For the first 30 seconds do not disturb the ... More

how to make taskbar icons smaller

7/08/2015 · I am not sure if anyone else is getting something like this? The icons looked fine before and then they just changed. All of my older icons before my upgrade look okay but its just when I pin them to the taskbar that they look so small. ... More

how to get 6 pack abs at home

Everyone has 4/6/8 abs in this world. However, it is fat over our abs that keeps them hidden. I have seen people doing hundreds of crunches, seven days a week but still no visibility of abs. And i have also seen those people training their abs onc... ... More

how to make a password gate minecraft

13/06/2014 In this tutorial today, I show you have to build a password locked door. This will allow you to safely lock up any item or room with a private door that only you can access via a password. If you ... More

how to play with dolls by yourself

What others are saying "DIY Barbie Furniture except monster high.not Barbie" "All the girls love to play with doll, especially when it comes in times to Barbie dolls. ... More

how to make a micro bubble generator

i have a air pump attached with a 5 inch long tube with some holes in it which produces air bubbles. but the bubbles are very big or some are medium how to make them micro size. ... More

how to open your private practice

Working in private practice. Most doctors in Australia work in private practice, where they charge patients a fee for services provided. Medicare provider number. If you plan to work in private practice, either as a GP or a specialist, youll need to apply for a Medicare provider number. This also applies to public hospital doctors who have a right to private practice. This enables your ... More

how to make sweet tea syrup

7/01/2016 · In this Article: Making the sugar syrup Using the sugar syrup Community Q&A. Sugar syrup is a simple syrup made from water and sugar. It is a tasty way to add sweetness to standard tea, with the benefit being that it will sweeten the tea … ... More

how to read deveolper engineering plans

People Management Skills Matrix Training Pack. Purpose of Module To enable attendees to visually recognise varying levels of ability in a structured way. To develop focused training plans to maximise flexibility and to enhance the development of every individual. Agenda • What is a Skills Matrix? • What are the key elements of a Skills Matrix? • How to we quantify the Skill Levels ... More

how to make frozen chocolate banana bites

"Salted Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites (would also be good with some nut butter on the banana, dipped in chocolate. or with nuts and chocolate)" "Salted Chocolate Frozen Banana Bites - great summer treat for the kids, but I would only store them for a couple of days." ... More

how to return multiple values in python and get it

urls should be a flat, not nested, list of url strings and grequests.get ONLY accepts a valid URL string and the other optional arguments accepted by requests.get. I'm on a Chromebook now and I'd rather not type the entire script out for you again. ... More

sims 1 how to move to magic town

A description of tropes appearing in Sims 1. The Sims is the first game in The Sims series, released in 2000, with seven expansion packs. Several sequels The Sims is the first game in The Sims series, released in 2000, with seven expansion packs. ... More

how to make plaits look thicker

The general rule is: the thicker the hair, the messier the plait. But, with twists, thick hair is much more difficult to manage and control. The construction is also very different, as plaits are developed through overlapping different sections of the hair and twists tend to focus on manipulating just one section of the hair. Twisted hairstyles are preferred with fine hair as thick hair makes ... More

how to make tumblr private 2016

If you want private posts, you hang a secondary blog off the primary blog. You can't make a secondary blog your primary blog. You can't make a secondary blog your primary blog. They also want you to associate one primary blog with one email address. ... More

how to make jello pudding pie

NOTHING compares to Jell-O instant chocolate pudding. I love how fast, easy and convenient it is to make and how delicious it is. It brings back memories from my childhood. My mom uses Jell-O Chocolate instant pie filling every year for Thanksgiving. Its a family tradition the whole family looks ... More

how to make dark purple icing

5/06/2011 · You're right a dark purple is hard to get, if it's not dark enough it will fade to blue. Without the airbrush option I would start with pink icing, adding blue and more pink to increase the color some without adding a bunch of color. When it gets medium dark, that's when I'd add the purple color. I have Americolor Purple and it does do a nice job. ... More

how to put a return in text in excel

Need to create a return, then add text as I wish or need to. I don’t want text to be part of the formula. Every time I add the text, it wipes out the formula, even if the text is on a separate line in the same cell ... More

how to make homemade apple pie moonshine

Super easy to make homemade Crock Pot Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe is absolutely delicious! Learn how to make moonshine in the slow cooker with this recipe. Made with everclear this recipe packs a punch. This make a great holiday gift or DIY birthday gift. #moonshine #crockpot #slowcooker #cocktail #applepie #apple #booze #liquor #pie … ... More

how to make your own tomato feed

Make your own liquid feeds Liquid feeds give plants a quick boost of nutrient. They are particularly useful for greedy feeders like tomatoes that are grown in pots. The most commonly used liquid feed is comfrey and it is easy to make your own. You can also make a nitrogen rich liquid feed from weeds like nettles or ground elder. Comfrey is a very deep rooted plant containing lots of trace ... More

how to make font bolder in after effects

Select the Impact font (or any bold font that you prefer), and set the size to 200 px and the tracking to 150 px. Move to your artboard, click on it, and add your piece of text about as shown below. Make … ... More

how to say oh in spanish

"The Simpsons" has been a staple of American pop culture for nearly three decades. But beyond the United States, the show has become a worldwide sensation, with some of … ... More

how to make a undead horse in minecraft 1.6

17/08/2013 · And if you've ever seen a twenty heart horse, it was probably a glitch in 1.6.1 where the offspring of two horses would show a combined amount, but … ... More

how to make your own channel art on youtube 2014

Channel your art. When you go to a YouTube channel, you’ll immediately be greeted with a large banner displaying the channel name. This is your cover photo and is prime real estate for introducing your brand. You can make your cover photo as extravagant or minimal as you’d like, but just make sure that your brand is the focal point, as it’s going to be the first impression someone gets ... More

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how to read guitar charts

The thing that makes the chord charts that are in the book easy to follow, is the inclusion of rhythms with each bar, and the accompanying strumming guide. Look at the example chord chart below and then read the following explanations.

how to prepare chicken biryani in tamil language

Heat a wide deep vessel, add oil, ghee and soaked chicken and then cook on high for 2 minutes. Spread the cooked rice over the chicken layer. Add fried onion, remaining coriander leaves and mint over the chiken. Finally add saffron milk.

how to make a mini skirt

I decided to make one for Audrey too when I saw this chevron fabric. The benefits of a pull-on mini skirt work for girls of all ages: easy and comfortable and a little bit flirty.

how to prepare chilli gobi fry

5/10/2009 · I went through your chilli gobi receipe and found that im out of corn flour, can i prepare this receipe without the corn flour, does it make any difference to the taste. I too love cooking but not all my dishes turn to be a hit.

how to put stuff on gamepasses

Sam Warburton, the retired captain of Wales and the Lions, said recently, "Six months ago, I would probably have put my house on New Zealand being World Cup winners.

how to make vegan laksa

Easy vegetarian laksa recipe. This veggie laksa is healthy and nutritious thanks to the delicious array of veggies it contains. Squeeze fresh lime juice over the top before serving for an authentic laksa flavour.

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